The GVI project

The GVI Project Goals

The overall aim of the Green Vehicle Index project is to orient the consumer towards the most energy efficient low polluting vehicle by providing understandable information and to spark competition among manufacturers to produce real clean and energy efficient vehicles.

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The GVI Project

The GVI results will empower the consumer and strengthen the demand side. This will be achieved by informing the consumers through the involved (inter)national consumer organisation and the strong link to Euro NCAP.

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The Consortium behind the GVI Project

The GVI consortium represents a unique mix of mobility clubs, leading testing and certification services suppliers in the automotive field, and expertise and knowledge centres that measure, analyse and model vehicle and transport emissions.

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Structure & Results

The GVI Project is built around four necessary steps: to understand consumer priorities, to develop new and robust test procedures, to upgrade the rating system and to reach 180 millions consumer with the right communication.

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The latest news

  • GVI Project - Green Vehicle Index

    The roadmap of GVI has been released

    13th November 2019

    This is the Roadmap of Green NCAP/GVI for the period until 2030. In addition, this document also provides some intentions to address vehicle related environmental performance issues for the period beyond 2030. The document provides guidance on the future developments and activities of this independent consumer test program. The document…

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