The four necessary steps to make the GVI project work are:

  1. Fully understand consumers priorities and needs when purchasing a new car in terms of current tests and assessments as well as of future needs for information;
  2. Development of robust new & enhanced test procedures, performance limits and assessment criteria. Followed by Back-to-back test with basic Green NCAP pilot & phase 1 test procedures, deriving the Impact of the new & enhanced test procedures on the proposed rating scheme. Test a representative and statistically relevant amount of vehicles to be able to offer this rating and other relevant information to consumers to make it relevant for consultation in the near-future;
  3. Upgrade of rating system and to make it more comprehensive / informative for consumers. Refine the Roadmap to provide incentives to manufacturers to improve the vehicle’s environmental performance design;
  4. Disseminate & communicate validation test results & rating and reach 180 million consumers globally. Extend this to authorities, industrial and other stakeholders like NGOs and the scientific community.

The four steps are the building blocks for the defined work program of the GVI project, as given in the figure below.

The public deliverables are and will be:

  • D4.1 Initial Roadmap report (PDF file, 1 MB)
  • D4.4 Exploitation Plan
  • D2.2 Verification and Validation lab tests of 51 vehicles report
  • D3.2 Verification and Validation real driving tests of 51 vehicles report
  • D4.3 Final event
  • D4.5 Updated Roadmap report