The GVI results will empower the consumer and strengthen the demand side. This will be achieved by informing the consumers through the involved (inter)national consumer organisation and the strong link to Euro NCAP.

This GVI project will be the catalyst and initiator for a fully-fledged Green NCAP program, which will help consumers, authorities and all other stakeholders to identify if a vehicle truly is clean and energy efficient.

GVI’s vision is: ‘The highest standard is attributed to a car that maximises the reduction of its own pollutants and greenhouse gasses and, at the same time, operates at minimised fossil fuel consumption and/or maximised energy efficiency under real-world conditions during its life time.’

The GVI project will independently assess the full environmental performance of a vehicle in the most comprehensive manner. It is of paramount importance that complex test procedures and results are converted into independent, meaningful and comprehensive information for consumers that can easily be understood.